The KaviarFactory is an international venue for contemporary art, located in Henningsvær, Norway. It reopened in 2013 and nurtures its off-the-grid location and aims to offer new experiences and confrontations

current Exhibition

Ai Weiwei at KaviarFactory comprises artworks of mixed media and in multiple series. Ten curated artworks include four Lego works, one series of video works, two artworks in marble, one in bamboo, sisal twine and silk, one in porcelain, and the newest work which combines readymade and antiquity..


Mathilde Bordewick started the production of caviar at Henningsvær in 1924. The business grew, and the products were soon sold nationwide. Some of the production was exported.  The factory building was constructed in the 1950s. Caviar, or «Lofoten paste», was produced there, and it is still a well-known label. Other seafood products were also marketed until the mid 1990s. In the town of Henningsvær, the caviar factory enjoyed the status of a reliable work place during more than 40 years. The building is a well-known landmark, and many take pride in their products.

The Building

The architecture of The KaviarFactory represents the optimism of the 1950s in its form as well as in the solid brick construction, and not least in the challenging site. The ocean literally washes the facade with northwesterly winds. Ms. Venke Hoff bought the building in 2006 to save it. The idea of reshaping the Factory into a gallery of contemporary art developed over time.  «The KaviarFactory» has gained awareness internationally for the way it has been preserved.  It is a landmark at the entrance of Henningsvær, marking the end of the National Tourist Roads. The signs on the facade Is a conceptual work, a gift from Michael Sailstorfer (Germany). Bjarne Melgaard created the door handles.